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The Gin Tour is a night out like you’ve never experienced before where you will be taken on an educational and fun-filled tour to explore the spirit that originates (a bit) from this city.


The Gin Tour is a night out like you’ve never experienced before where you will be taken on an educational and fun-filled tour of Amsterdam’s to explore the spirit that has its roots in this city. And this all under guidance of Mister Cocktail, organizer of the Gin Festival and the Amsterdam Cocktail Week.

Gin has made a serious comeback and is here to stay. You’ll learn all about the beautiful juniper lead spirit which has had such a tumultuous yet romantic history with The Netherlands. Gin Lane, Genever, London Dry, Mother’s Ruin, cucumber or lime – you name it, we’ll chat about it.

You’ll enjoy samples of specially selected premium gins. You’ll quaff with a wide range of tonics and garnishes, all whilst finding out about the history and production methods behind everything that touches your palette.

We will navigate through the canals of Amsterdam so the Gin Tour is a perfect way to combine your visit to Amsterdam with a nice canal tour. Depending on the size of your group and of the weather we will use mostly classic saloonboats. Great to celebrate with friends, collegues or as a bachelor party.

Would you like to book a gin-tasting at a location of your choice? Also possible! The best-know gin-expert in the Netherlands will teach you and your guests everything about gin, tonic and their combined glorious history!

The cost of the Gin Tour depends on the size of your group and your personal wishes for the tour. Prices start at € 60 per person for 1.5 hrs and will all include 6 samples of gin, 10 different tonics to mix with, the boat, a learning experience and a ridiculous amount of fun! 
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The Gin Tour in Amsterdam is run by Albert van Beeck Calkoen, who has been involved in gin and all things related since 2005. After being ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin and Bombay Sapphire Gin amongst others, he is now running his own company called Mister Cocktail. He is the organizer of the Gin Festival Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well the co-organizer of the Amsterdam Cocktail Week.

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